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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

To all my friends

To all my friends

In the last past days
I felt so strange,
I felt alone, and that scares me.
What is up ?what is wrong?
Were are my friends?!? they all are gone…
Really, I miss those old good times
how I want them one more time,
I miss some people miss them so much,
my heart is empty,
 I am feeling drained, battered up.

Were are those times
 we use to spend outside?
talking ,being together what’s up?
Some of those people
They… just continued there life’s
hundred of miles  apart of mine’s.

Always the distance,
there is always something in the mid part.
But I guess this is life:
 sometimes unfair,
sometimes rough.
Holidays are coming moments to enjoy
My only wish is to have you all
 close to me ,and all I want
is to say Happy Holidays,
God bless you all my dearest of friends,
 without you I am not myself at all.

I miss  those times when we used to laugh,
I miss those people who just left,
I miss those days of joy imperfect,
Hours, minutes, they were beautiful,
Oh how much I want to get together, and have a chat,
Smile, exchange news and laugh.
How much I want to have all of you around,
my old good friends, I miss you all so much.
This goes to those working abroad:
take care you guys and at least once in a while,

let me now that you are fine,
let me now that your happy and smile,
I wish you all a white x-mas
merry moments and tasty treats,
and all the love and friendship that I can give.

Times is merciless, time ends fast,
treasure each moment you have,
 it could be your last.
The best way is to spend it with family and friends,
they are the most important gift you have. God bless.

by Demeter Szilard J.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

City Angel

 Bring me down bring me up,
 take my closer to your heart,
 I wanted you to know
 that nothing is for show,
wanted to watch you smile again
walk your fingers in your pretty hair
 make me fall, make me stare,
 just stand there.

Your voice and  smile
 your way to be,is so sexy
 so feel free to realize
that such  beautiful things
 exists in real life,
 how you pronounce every word,
 when you smile when you joke
you’re so funny you’re so cute,
 when you walk your pretty leggs
 around that crowded place,
how you talk, how you socialize, how you are
how all the things you touch become something of valor
I like your lips,I like your dimples,
I like the way you are and who you are,
freedom bird of the new urban
you’re a city angel a lodestar.

Dedicated to Dr.M. Irina Ioana

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

White snow white snow

White snow ,white snow,
cold is your touch
bury my worm heart.
White snow, white snow,
keep up,bury us all alive.
White snow ,white snow,
you’re so white,
snow and snow and never stop!

"my empire of hearts and hatchets"

Friday, November 26, 2010

never say you did not know/`
and wait for that moment to come/`
and will never come /`
or will come too soon and take you by surprise

and than your sweet voice will die out
whispers will be stronger
and everything as we knew it will cease to exist
but only by throwing a symbol
you will come to understand

how easily can you give a moment to be
and you'll want that moment to last for years and years
but the anguish of pain, knowing when the void is almost near
almost close to that moment of peace
but you're young years pass,
you will sit next to your faithful companion named death

it will torment you for the rest of your life

and you can't change anything
and you want a moment to grasp the perfect sunrise

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hate with indifference

"I always wanted the impossible because I never could handle the possible” Demeter Sz.

At least once in a life you must die for love
don’t be so selfish share It with me ,
don’t so cruel ,don’t make me change,
you learned my defined concept
 accepted applied the human principles.
Now I fear you might rebel,
 against my wishes
 I tremble well beneath the passive indifference,
you treat as it was war
there is peace at your heart?
Leave the hate behind, glorious future awaits us
 we could fight our way through  this man made hell
 reliving the pain opening the blockage,
come lets’ pass
 and with small steps we create our destiny,
a world of ours at our judgment
and it will prevail, because we are human.

Stages and stages
underneath the calmness ,
strange behavior witnessing the passing
nothing can hurt,
yet still getting offended,
words enjoy a sweet melody upon hearing them.
Whit noise disguised as a way of touching
without experiencing the feel,
all of this meant to play tricks on our minds.
Refusing the granted
by human nature is a marker,
is our way taking everything for granted
leaving the essentials away ,
asking ,begging ,than crying the tears
whipping them  with white silk.

Words are useless you never could hear them,
I am talking to you why don’t you listen?
Frankly I known that we’d never be
I hopped I was mistaken,
 I wasn’t wrong you love something else
 beauty in essence.
 Tried tried I never succeeded
I invented the term planted poison,
 must I fail again and again
or I am winning? whatever the outcome
 its about self-preservation,
 would you forget me? yes why not,
would forgive me?
 the answer is right in front,

I hate you with love,
I ignore you with attention
 all of this means I am human.

Understanding me you understand yourself
 we fight battles that cannot be won,
our goals in life differ
 but the passion to live our life are the same in each one,
now or never I ask you to step up
make up your mind
or you  will forever lose the man
 who truly loves you the way you are.

“I always wanted the impossible because I never could handle the possible” Demeter Sz.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our life

Our life’s are  a drama
 lived in a bitter sweet song lyrics
we each fight our own battles,
never could negotiate a cease fire.
Planning escapes,
getting shouted at ,headaches…
we do everything
they don’t even thanks us
that’s great.
Instead they play us ,in one hand all in,
losing to them we feel hopeless,
the same two humanists
following a righteous cause,
one loves the other
more than she could count on,
ripped our we from a straight path,
nevertheless we have common thoughts
you somehow complete me,
why shouldn’t I too?

Enemies united,
could you stand near me?
for a last stand.
they attack at dusk,
you burry me at dawn.
Before all shall parish, all shall fall,
I want you to pledge allegiance to our song,
only we could hear it ,only we can stop it,
come my dear sit next to me
before you forever go,
to look one more time in my eyes,
these are not easy moments,
I feel your heart tremble,
but the departure is never simple.
Just go my dear with those smiling eyes,
leave the tears for another time
beautiful moments still awaits us,
now go…

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Start pulling me out

Start pulling me out ,at the edge of the box,
 A small  burst of wind drops me right down,
At least you stop once in a while near that box,
Talk to me light me up ,
let me scream understand my misery
submit my voce to a highter plan of superficiality
My life’s a demo who decides when I put it out?
 Without you I am not mine

You are my dot in my sentences
 the starting capital word imagine,
 Trapped in a tiny box the air is thinner
 I  get out punching and hitting
 hurting and bleeding understand my misery
  come here save me
 spending my time discussing a locked topic
whatever the cost I am stuck
 thousand of  voices going insane
Only I can hear them

Closer to the breakpoint
painting my freedom something’s
 wrong it’s a grey picture
Standing on a wire rotating the wisdom
 of a fallen 24,7 outta 7
Shouting while spinning
a record made by silence
 playing a role cruel world all alone  in a 2 by 4
 staring  and dreaming
why don’t you listen
 I am friggin bleeding
hit me one more time
do yourself a favor rewind the tape pause play broken.

Let's play a new era

Come back let’s play a new era
let’s see could we survive,
move along on waves
you maintain me on balance,
shatter ourselves like a mirror  broken in pieces,
we reflect our love in optical illusions.
Travel million light-years ,follow the tail of a comet
we burst in colors, being the wish granters, happiest as ever,
you are my steer my brake,
 you make me accelerate,
you  make me different,
 you make me brave,
 the world seems a better place
with you in it.
If I’d kiss you,
I’d miss the taste of you lips
I’d miss your heartbeat
I miss you all day,
but what defines us ,makes up hate.
Couldn’t u said no more wait?
 instead you make me suffer. stabbing me ,enjoying  the taste?
flavor of red hot liquid bursting sideways
step and step,  with each of them crumble my soul,
with each word hurt me  more and more,
till I wont be anymore.
I forgive you  I always do,
because I love you it’s not your fault,
it’s mine I am so sorry
but this emptiness  in my soul is getting to big,
I am waiting the moment when it will explode,
 waiting the touch that  would leave me breathless,
leaves me to choke .
and I reprogram myself to hate hate hate
and destroy, to exile from the world.
If only you knew how much … you cause me
 never mind I understand you
 I really do.
Go find someone great, leave me behind
leave me to root,
 I express myself differently
but my love for you  is genuine, not fake.
I am loyal to the end
a big,a big  tragic mistake ,go find someone awesome and great.
Every night I come home
I fall  on my knees
 staring at the oblivion ,
in freezing  cold I see my breath
I exhale the substance of life,
 ohh how much I want but I cant ,
wonderful is silence
expressed by the breath you take,
the only sound  of true greatness
 hearing and feeling your heart keeping you alive,
 experienced in freezing  cold
the hearts beats lesser and lesser
 slower and slower till you say goodbye ,goodbye…
 I hate you with love.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flash forward guess

Flash forward guess

It’s happening right now
I am missing you in my heart,
every move I make, each breath I take,
takes me closer to the edge
of my mistake.
I’d go back in november
turn around and change
I’d do anything I just want to feel okay.
All I want is your forgiveness
all I want is to hold you,
you remember that
we had such great times
 flash forward guess….
and start believing .

I miss you sweetheart
past had such great things,
tragically we always forget
 it’s to late come back,
 we will be together some day,
even do u might make
the wrong choices in the right times,
I will never ask for goodbyes.
We were all that I wanted more,
She and you and her
 kept it hidden now or ever…
almost forever.

I want to know
you’re an actress
said and changed the rules
stopped why?
You play with hearts,
in all this mess you could loose yours
Don’t leave like this
 it’s 5:58
 I want u in my place
to watch the birth of a new day.      made by the author D.Szilard protected licensed content

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Assemble once more
that old forgotten soul
gather those roots,
 they extend, tens of meters underground.
Don’t search the surface,
search that depth,
 hidden for years
you can’t understand….
Deprived to find a meaning,
 barely seen light
 but highly experienced treason.
Open your arms
show them compassion,
with a little luck
they might forgive you.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

October and Leaves that fall

Weather has changed, everything is new,
the only things remaining are my feelings for you.
Maybe you left,
wounding my soul…
A part of you remains at my hearts door,
beating a rhythm  just I can understand,
one violin, one sad story at the end.
When those broken sounds,
and your catching fragrance merge
making a poem, of the oblivion
layered in bittersweet sensations.
When the violins stop and that poem is not written,
life ends a cycle
and takes me with him.
Never shall I trust myself,
no music is playing… condemned to silence,
a thousand violins could play
I could never hear them.

Leaves that fall

Leaves that fall…
they could be compared to us all,
lost each other in the chaos that followed.
Without one and another they are not the same,
they are falling to the ground,
and that’s the only thing
they have in common.
Misery soon follows,
destiny plays the cards right
always wins, taking us out.
We are soldiers of luck
on a field scattered with landmines,
blindfolded and uselessly carrying  big guns.
We had our orders,
we gone rogue that’s fine,
let me hug you, hold your hand
and take a couple of steps…
I never say goodbye
not even at the end.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September days

We can order chinese ,
you could paint and I could make funny faces.
At 2 am we’d make prank calls
than laugh because one guy thought
that he been called by a mouse.

Or just stay up late
watching low budget films.
and still having a great time.
Than go outside in the middle of the night,
scream and shout than sit down.

Holding our hands
and just stare at the stars,
thanking The Lord
that He brought us together,
and making us the
Happiest couple.

Just me and you,
the dog and a large phone bill,
I am telling you …I love you from the bottom of my heart
and that’s all I want,
and if you could love me to…
 I’ll be happy… 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Parts of my truth

" I wanted to believe that I had a chance,this way I never stopped loving you" quote Demeter Sz.
" I miss you even do we never met" quote Demeter Sz.
" War is when human engineering ,meets human conscience" quote Demeter Sz.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just some thoughts

Strictly known only by the two of us,
trying to speak you don’t let me
guide me to the truth,
if I don’t listen drag me in front of it
with your words explain that
I am not worth a chance, change me to become the opposite.

Years of concealing in my heart deepest place,
only I  know how much you mean to me,
but you cease to believe in me.
It happened in plain site
how can I resist? I know,I know I can’t touch
I just want to talk…

Or is it that to much?...I can’t give up
you are my goal, decades could pass
I will be waiting for an answer,
do whatever just to prove I am better
because of you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Made it in twent

Expected me to give up easily
believing it will reduce the conflict between us,
but the issue I have, my words do not hurt,
all I said was something innocent spontaneous.

Even if you’d give a part of me away
I will let you without any delay,
I just want to look at your moves
there is nothing to improve....

Your eyes do not cease to follow me,
think I did…pretty much what you asked me.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

As I imagine

As I imagine

As I imagine you
a flawless shape an orchid among humans,
my shoulders carry a guilt, my love,
bitter sweet is my thrill seeking heart.

But my heart is untouched
dust covers it,
the key to unlock it…
a song sang by a thousand crickets,
it reminds me of a dawn in august.

Is it my fault… if I dare to dream?
wanting that piece,
you are the one completing me.

Dreamt of a human amongst human beings
I hope you can love,
Let’s see to that,that will never be apart

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Truly revealed

Truly revealed

…and you don’t answer
still trying to reach you,
my hopes slowly fade away in august…
Witnessing your liberation
free emotional boundaries,
if life opens you a door or a window
you choose to choke the past.

Forget about that foolish dreamer.
forget about that tired seeker,
run away now hide from the emission
transmitted by a gentle whisper.

Evolving you felt the reason to leave
because it’s easier this way I know.
we met we talked in the past
borders of a civilized world tease you…?
Foreign language, different color.

I saw you grown
not anymore that sweet vulnerable girl,
think your even? ignore me and step sideways
let me hit the wall.
Nevermore I shall go beyond my fear
I have lost you.

Time can change, if you lack individuality
lack that courage to enjoy an open talk,
right next to a boy
who cares about you more
by the day.

Black glasses close the direct contact,
dressed in white
you feel innocent or just trying to be?
You trusted me ,still do I presume
offer me that window and I will give you air,
and release  that blockage

Monday, July 19, 2010

To 0 to infinity

Make my heart whole again
come to me hold my hand.
Walk 12 passes tell me once,
tell a thousand times,
I want to hear it from you sweetheart.
I want to feel your presence
every moment of my life
Take breakfast with you
wishing  u good morning.
you mean the whole world to me
to a to z, to 0 to infinity.

I want you near me
think about the great times will have.
It’s a pleasure I admire you,
you got something noble, special
and I really love you.
Hundred miles plus -minus 2,
I stare at the moon I stare at you,
searching for those eyes
I get sidetracked,it’s never easy for my,
you deserve better than that.

I give you all that I have
and a little more,
I give you my heart, my soul.
Please don’t walk all over it.
Without you I am in cardiac arrest
perform CPR or else I’m dead.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Volume: ,,She”

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Volume: ,,She”

Years 08”-10” The Search

Never knowing what is going to happen, it always stalks you finding you, you never know when is going to happen, in 08” it happened.

         I thought it was a dream, I thought that she was real…
I went through hell and back,through  fire, humiliation and total chaos, on uncharted grounds I found myself carrying a guilt….I wanted her, wanted her love, her sweet voice telling me great words…
         It all went wrong ended up bad. The hero after all he went through, taking up all the challenges wins, but never gets his prize.
I dreamt of her, I saw her walking; I wanted…I ran to her, but I never could reach her, she looked back smiled…and I never could
         She haunts me, she kills me, only I want her, she is the embodiment of eternity.

             08” The Distress Call

I listened to her message thousands of times, I wanted to help her.
In the Void I saw her again, she called me by my name: ,, My soldier J.D. come to me..”, told me that she loved me..
I stud right next to her, I felt her voice, her touches vibrating in my heart
            I went  through hell and back, only to find out that she died.
  I followed a chimera all this time, I followed her…she was so real….she was alive.

        I dropped to my knees, I started asking myself:,, Am I crazy? “,, Where is She? “ I was alone this whole time, but it can’t be, she was here with me, that beautiful girl, her calm voice, her sweet voice….

“You truly live only when you found your soul mate”

Demeter Szilard

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lost I am without them

Understanding not much,
not even the obvious.
Seeking a meaning
dream away my thoughts
wishing this and wishing that…..
Someday it’s all gona end.
Wake up in a late dawn,
young but ageing,
life is wasting resources and love,
moments of pure one to one talk.
Missing out on episodes
I breathe in deep.
not fully comprehending how bitter is the path.
Where is my happy ending?
Where are they?
They all left…
I miss this part of my life
I miss everything need help,
why I am trying to do things in a right way?
I always lose something, I have lost her
and her and another her.
Lost I am without them.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day by day

Limitless skies open your eyes,
blue above…beautiful is life.
I love you the way you are,
like your smile,
like your voice,it’s my guide line
can I see you one more time?
Talk to you,speak words of love,
spread senseless teardrops.
Listen again,hold your hand
just one more time in 2010.

Feeling that life vibe in me
when you are around.
Feeling alive, touched by a pure thought.
She may be the one to be loved,
or never again will I seek a moment of luck.
Being with her is like being loved,
She likes the things I love,
She loves the things I like,
I love her every second,
more and more day by day.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Teatru localizat and Localized Theatre eng.vers.

Teatru localizat

Si acuma cand ceasul bate in al ultimului minut,
infrant si lovit,cazut si ranit….
Ma acuzi? Ma judeci prin acele gesture,reci si grele
chiar crezi ca vreau sa am de-a face cu ele?!?
Dar pentru tine,orce ,fie si moartea,
doar dovedeste-mi loialitatea ta.
Arata ca poti  simtii pentru mine
acea dragoste nemaivazuta de lume,
arata ca poti sa treci peste mimica umana
ca poti sa vezi prin masa sociala
ma vezi asa cum ar trebui?
sau judeci dupa reguli nescrise.
Alaturi de celalalte mici printese ascunse nerecunoscatoare?

Jocul tulbure al vremurilor noastre
Aruncam cu zaruri nimerim trei,noua,sapte
Ar fi multe de spus doar toate…
sunt doar cuvinte doar interferente pentru tine
Si uite acuma in 2010 cu cat ma apropii
cu atat ma urasti mai mult si nu trece
de-asi crede ca suntem nepereche.

Localized Theatre

And now when the watch is ticking in his last minut,
defeated struck down,fallen and hurt
you accuse me?judge me by those gestures,cold and heavy...
Do you really think ,that I want to have something to do with them?
But for you,anything, even if it is death.
Just prove me your loyalty.
show me that you can feel for me
that love unseen by the world.
Show that you can walk by the human mimic
Show that you see pass the social mass..
You see me as you should?
Or you’re judging by the unwritten rules.
Amongst the other hidden ungrateful little princesses.

The troubled game of our times...
Throwing dices hitting three , nine ,seven
There are much to be said,but all
are just words interferences for you,
and now,here in 2010 as I approach you
You hate me greater and it will not pass
I would think that we are odd.

Taken by unsigned truce

Everything is relative
only we remain among the white noise, 
we struggled to find our twisted games,
live moments from the past,
listen to spoken words,
next steps will be made easily.
Now you got the taste,experienced the life,
from now on do you I did?
Do you ever cared about me?
Everything I feel.I feel for you,
now go to another level,you feel different?
Definitely yes,others have stolen your innocence,
charm soaked in human superficiality,
they are all illusionists.

Everything is drama, everything is theater,
being human means you hate me?
knowing me means that you love me? 

and now the truth is revealed, why continue this charade,when we can execute in an obvious gesture" quote by J.D.Szilard

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want to enlist in the american army!!!IHooraah! Ace of spades and Memphis Dance

Ace of spades

Delightful touches of a dying empire
the lord of life metamorphosed and blind,
a carrier never seen,
forgotten perhaps.
Delivering indulgence to our hearts,
a skiddish thought,
taking with her a little part, of me of her,
uniting us, a new bread the Herrenrasse!

Memphis Dance

Slipping away from a predefined route
taking a chance you’re so rude,
I like walking my fingers in your hair
I dare to touch, to talk, feel free to hit me if you want,
make me smile make me feel alive,
Don’t be sad just be you.
And tell me the words that I want to hear.

Its all in my head,
in real life is never gonna happen,
I know that!, why must things be so complicated?
why all this mambo-jumbo crap?
I need a real hug a friend,
I need her to straighten my life,
she is my pulse my vibe.
She is the voice of reason inside my head.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Closest way to her heart

Closest way to her heart
is that unknown path,
proved with years and trust.
Never-ending stream of sweet words,
romance and a little luck,
passion, loyalty and love.
Gently moves, whispers…
Telling her, she is the one.
The only being, to who I given my heart.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ma pierd

Simt cum trece viata pe langa mine,
pierd un episod,
ma pierd in masa inconstienta.
Plutesc dar nu ma regasesc,
in fiecare zi depasesc pasul
imi aduc aminte de cele vechi intamplate,
ma gandesc la altii.
Imi distrag propria-mi atentie al sinelui,
stiu realitatea,dar nu cred in ea.
Stiu cat de greu este ea,
dar gandu-mi e'la altii.
Voi pierde si pierd tot ce imi este cunoscut,
traiesc intr-un roman fara autor.
Doar eu si iarasi eu.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lost on a paved road

Someday it will end
hopefully very soon…
I’m starting to hate you
get out of my way.

2 years patiently waiting
it ends now, your to blame,
It’s your fault, you killed me!,
and I forgotten my fault.

Adina see you never again,
Goodbye., we never gonna be friends
It’s the end, I hate you,
is this what you wanted?
Now you got it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


"si asa totul ce parea a fi normal,dintr-o data se transforma intr-un teatru de razboi,descurajant este faptul ca nu poti sa "citesti" oamenii,sunt asa de imprevizibili,si eu care credeam ca sunt o adunatura de mimi ce imita lumea si nu au deloc caracteristici individuale,doar furate o gloata de tampiti falsi,dar de data asta eu am pierdut....ce am pierdut?cam tot ce ma preocupa de aproape 2 ani :( "J.D.Sz.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't walk away

I want to hold your hand and smile,
even just for a little while,
it will seem like  an eternity.
Wish I could be with you…
you walked into my heart,
knocked on the door, I let you in.

I sang you a melody of love,
I offered you my heart.
I offered you a world,
our very own world
just me and you, nobody else.
Now you say goodbye Szilard?
Don’t walk away now.

Smile, please just smile
I want to remember you, as you where:
That beautiful girl
who stolen my heart,
God She is awesome….
She is the girl, with who I fallen in love.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The last step

Alig ha latlak,alig ha erzem ahogy nezzel
sehogy sem jo neked,
erzeketlen mozgasaid,meg a korhadt gondolkozasod
hiszem,nem torodsz velem,
de mivel semmit sem hagyhatok befejezetlenul,
csakis indul a lang a szivemen at,
tul,tul es nekem art.

Mennem kell ,szabadon jarni,
mert a verem keri,eletem nem egy jatek
amely szinten te mozogsz vigatlanul,
nem egy pocsolya hanem egy csoda!
Ami erted dogob es mindig is dobogot
csak te nem kered,nem akarod,
nem elhetsz velem egy szinkronikus ritmuson
nem vagy az enyem ,de en sem a tied!

Minden mozgassal nekem artasz
mindig es veled akarok lenni,
lassan felebredek lehet meg te is
szep almoknak a monokromatikus szinet elvezuk
szivedet nem erte fajdalom,
hiaba csereled a ritmust,hiaba kiabalsz
taszitjuk egymast,ez  mozgas.

Csak annyit mondok,mostantol kezdve
2 uton jarni fogunk,
mindegy mit csinalsz te,csak
felejtsel el engem,hagyal szabadon
ne bazd a fejem nem erzem magam olyan jol.


The organized chaos begins,
I want to get away,
the air is filled with words of dispear
choking me with my own blood
I wish I never known her.
Another lost evening lived in a state of hate
from now I release your hand...
fly away and leave me alone.
for me...your dead.

This "closeness" is non-negotiable,
I am not a slave,I am a man,
So let me be...
do a final tour and disappear,
Good bye!

 "I wish I could hit someone right in the soul, to destroy that someone ,because I represent the beginning of  unimaginable chaos,I want to see the fall,to feel my own  hate...that makes me human."quote by D.Szilard

" hatred and arrogance is what  defines the 
superior human being from the cross-bred masses" quote by D.Szilard

"I want to tell to a  soul ,that tomorrow it will die,and that I will be just a neutral observer,who enjoys the show" quote by D.Szilard

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Vagyis nem erdekel

Csak mond meg nekem:
„Ennyi volt,mennem kell,innen már tudom az utat”
Ejnye leányka,milyen játekot játszasz?
Kedves lépteid,,barom érzéseid,
neked minden egy játék?
Nekem minden realis!
Belefeledkeztél a muvészi tájba?
Igazi érzéketlen artista vagy,
neked én nem léteztem valaha?
Az,az érzésem,hogy nem,soha!
Ez a sors kurvára ostoba,
de tetszet a mozgás kb.tulzás,
szégeled magad velem?

Héh mondta Guetta:
“Where is the love?”
Mostmár mindegy,életem választott más utat
távalodj tolem,mert megolsz,
és puszta lelkem sirni fog,
hullni fog a konnyem,térdre esek,mászni kezdek,
egy mozgásbol életemet veszem.
Ne gyere,ne hazudjal semmit,
perfektul megértetem,ennyit!

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