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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet scent

Spring is here it’s everywhere 

I feel it in the air

Smells so sweet, and so fresh.

Nature emerges it’s full of hope

Love reborns, uniting souls

We all feel good we all feel old.


Walking by the high fence

That separates me from hidden secrets

I see how others enjoy themselves

Living there life’s as it is

With their loved ones ,and mates.


Still tend to think that

Everything is not pointless,

spring has arrived bringing with it,

all the things that we thought we lost

in the months that past.


Is a feeling that not many can understand

Imagine the liberty ,love and purity that surround us

Still we choose to live among the debris

Shredding our beliefs and experiences,

For nothing more than a few already crumbled dreams.


Among the branches and flowers

And the sweet scent of pure sobriety

We all find someone we love

that one sezon  ,only once

we feel human we feel loved.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Boulevard of opportunity

Today was a great day,
finally she showed some interest,
almost I saw a glance of hope,
my self confidence grows.
Only if she knew
how much I like her, 
but it wouldn't be a happy-end
I always lost the first two acts.

So I sit down on the chair quietly,
without taking a deep breath...
how great it would be
if I can read her  thoughts.

The time past so quickly,
suddenly it hit me,
like a sledgehammer over my back
felt a terrible pain..I have forgotten...

The dream must end, 
right here and right now,
why does nobody care?!
I am an outcast after all.

But those couple of minutes
when she started showing some interest,
I felt so happy and so scared,
I felt like a great man,a human.

Time passes by minutes after minutes
still I hoped for one miracle..
waiting for divine intervention 
it never came,never again..

I don't know why I am
so crazy about her,
probably her ignorance and  attitude,
intrigue me and pull me closer to her.

It's like I want to be a part of history
writing my own story..
I wish  we could write it together,
put some heart to it and love.

After I woked up from sensless desires,
after the dream faded away
 returned to my patheticall life.
I realised I am nothing more
then a thrill seeker,
pumped with adrenaline,
searching just for an adventure
on this endless boulevard of opportunity,
which we call life.

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