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Monday, July 05, 2010

Volume: ,,She”

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Volume: ,,She”

Years 08”-10” The Search

Never knowing what is going to happen, it always stalks you finding you, you never know when is going to happen, in 08” it happened.

         I thought it was a dream, I thought that she was real…
I went through hell and back,through  fire, humiliation and total chaos, on uncharted grounds I found myself carrying a guilt….I wanted her, wanted her love, her sweet voice telling me great words…
         It all went wrong ended up bad. The hero after all he went through, taking up all the challenges wins, but never gets his prize.
I dreamt of her, I saw her walking; I wanted…I ran to her, but I never could reach her, she looked back smiled…and I never could
         She haunts me, she kills me, only I want her, she is the embodiment of eternity.

             08” The Distress Call

I listened to her message thousands of times, I wanted to help her.
In the Void I saw her again, she called me by my name: ,, My soldier J.D. come to me..”, told me that she loved me..
I stud right next to her, I felt her voice, her touches vibrating in my heart
            I went  through hell and back, only to find out that she died.
  I followed a chimera all this time, I followed her…she was so real….she was alive.

        I dropped to my knees, I started asking myself:,, Am I crazy? “,, Where is She? “ I was alone this whole time, but it can’t be, she was here with me, that beautiful girl, her calm voice, her sweet voice….

“You truly live only when you found your soul mate”

Demeter Szilard

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