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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Teatru localizat and Localized Theatre eng.vers.

Teatru localizat

Si acuma cand ceasul bate in al ultimului minut,
infrant si lovit,cazut si ranit….
Ma acuzi? Ma judeci prin acele gesture,reci si grele
chiar crezi ca vreau sa am de-a face cu ele?!?
Dar pentru tine,orce ,fie si moartea,
doar dovedeste-mi loialitatea ta.
Arata ca poti  simtii pentru mine
acea dragoste nemaivazuta de lume,
arata ca poti sa treci peste mimica umana
ca poti sa vezi prin masa sociala
ma vezi asa cum ar trebui?
sau judeci dupa reguli nescrise.
Alaturi de celalalte mici printese ascunse nerecunoscatoare?

Jocul tulbure al vremurilor noastre
Aruncam cu zaruri nimerim trei,noua,sapte
Ar fi multe de spus doar toate…
sunt doar cuvinte doar interferente pentru tine
Si uite acuma in 2010 cu cat ma apropii
cu atat ma urasti mai mult si nu trece
de-asi crede ca suntem nepereche.

Localized Theatre

And now when the watch is ticking in his last minut,
defeated struck down,fallen and hurt
you accuse me?judge me by those gestures,cold and heavy...
Do you really think ,that I want to have something to do with them?
But for you,anything, even if it is death.
Just prove me your loyalty.
show me that you can feel for me
that love unseen by the world.
Show that you can walk by the human mimic
Show that you see pass the social mass..
You see me as you should?
Or you’re judging by the unwritten rules.
Amongst the other hidden ungrateful little princesses.

The troubled game of our times...
Throwing dices hitting three , nine ,seven
There are much to be said,but all
are just words interferences for you,
and now,here in 2010 as I approach you
You hate me greater and it will not pass
I would think that we are odd.

Taken by unsigned truce

Everything is relative
only we remain among the white noise, 
we struggled to find our twisted games,
live moments from the past,
listen to spoken words,
next steps will be made easily.
Now you got the taste,experienced the life,
from now on do you I did?
Do you ever cared about me?
Everything I feel.I feel for you,
now go to another level,you feel different?
Definitely yes,others have stolen your innocence,
charm soaked in human superficiality,
they are all illusionists.

Everything is drama, everything is theater,
being human means you hate me?
knowing me means that you love me? 

and now the truth is revealed, why continue this charade,when we can execute in an obvious gesture" quote by J.D.Szilard

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want to enlist in the american army!!!IHooraah! Ace of spades and Memphis Dance

Ace of spades

Delightful touches of a dying empire
the lord of life metamorphosed and blind,
a carrier never seen,
forgotten perhaps.
Delivering indulgence to our hearts,
a skiddish thought,
taking with her a little part, of me of her,
uniting us, a new bread the Herrenrasse!

Memphis Dance

Slipping away from a predefined route
taking a chance you’re so rude,
I like walking my fingers in your hair
I dare to touch, to talk, feel free to hit me if you want,
make me smile make me feel alive,
Don’t be sad just be you.
And tell me the words that I want to hear.

Its all in my head,
in real life is never gonna happen,
I know that!, why must things be so complicated?
why all this mambo-jumbo crap?
I need a real hug a friend,
I need her to straighten my life,
she is my pulse my vibe.
She is the voice of reason inside my head.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Closest way to her heart

Closest way to her heart
is that unknown path,
proved with years and trust.
Never-ending stream of sweet words,
romance and a little luck,
passion, loyalty and love.
Gently moves, whispers…
Telling her, she is the one.
The only being, to who I given my heart.

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