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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Taken by unsigned truce

Everything is relative
only we remain among the white noise, 
we struggled to find our twisted games,
live moments from the past,
listen to spoken words,
next steps will be made easily.
Now you got the taste,experienced the life,
from now on do you I did?
Do you ever cared about me?
Everything I feel.I feel for you,
now go to another level,you feel different?
Definitely yes,others have stolen your innocence,
charm soaked in human superficiality,
they are all illusionists.

Everything is drama, everything is theater,
being human means you hate me?
knowing me means that you love me? 

and now the truth is revealed, why continue this charade,when we can execute in an obvious gesture" quote by J.D.Szilard

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