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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life is a riddle

Life is a riddle
sometimes a joke at the sickest level,
a battle for courage a war with the world
and yourself.
 A piece of you in reborning death

Eternal thoughts
of what have you become or lost,
a desire to find unity in us.
To feel love,
to feel pain,
yes we do know harm.
Yes we felt years of sorrow,
and experienced that absolute mere        
and joyful state, of being
wanted, liked and loved.
To be hated ,condemned and judged!
To feel the burden
of the entire world on us.

To feel those knife
planted in our backs,
to feel those angels who pulled
them out,
bandaged our souls
and wished us luck & left.

They all are heavy on the soul,
they keep coming back for more and more.

Tears we shed, for the chaos we bred,
 lies told, mischief prevailed!
We all said fuck this world,
said goodbye for sure.
 Now we accept ,the challenges that lay ahead,
 now we embrace, life how it comes ,
and how it end!
We are fighters, and these we are!
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