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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our life

Our life’s are  a drama
 lived in a bitter sweet song lyrics
we each fight our own battles,
never could negotiate a cease fire.
Planning escapes,
getting shouted at ,headaches…
we do everything
they don’t even thanks us
that’s great.
Instead they play us ,in one hand all in,
losing to them we feel hopeless,
the same two humanists
following a righteous cause,
one loves the other
more than she could count on,
ripped our we from a straight path,
nevertheless we have common thoughts
you somehow complete me,
why shouldn’t I too?

Enemies united,
could you stand near me?
for a last stand.
they attack at dusk,
you burry me at dawn.
Before all shall parish, all shall fall,
I want you to pledge allegiance to our song,
only we could hear it ,only we can stop it,
come my dear sit next to me
before you forever go,
to look one more time in my eyes,
these are not easy moments,
I feel your heart tremble,
but the departure is never simple.
Just go my dear with those smiling eyes,
leave the tears for another time
beautiful moments still awaits us,
now go…

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