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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Start pulling me out

Start pulling me out ,at the edge of the box,
 A small  burst of wind drops me right down,
At least you stop once in a while near that box,
Talk to me light me up ,
let me scream understand my misery
submit my voce to a highter plan of superficiality
My life’s a demo who decides when I put it out?
 Without you I am not mine

You are my dot in my sentences
 the starting capital word imagine,
 Trapped in a tiny box the air is thinner
 I  get out punching and hitting
 hurting and bleeding understand my misery
  come here save me
 spending my time discussing a locked topic
whatever the cost I am stuck
 thousand of  voices going insane
Only I can hear them

Closer to the breakpoint
painting my freedom something’s
 wrong it’s a grey picture
Standing on a wire rotating the wisdom
 of a fallen 24,7 outta 7
Shouting while spinning
a record made by silence
 playing a role cruel world all alone  in a 2 by 4
 staring  and dreaming
why don’t you listen
 I am friggin bleeding
hit me one more time
do yourself a favor rewind the tape pause play broken.

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