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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Truly revealed

Truly revealed

…and you don’t answer
still trying to reach you,
my hopes slowly fade away in august…
Witnessing your liberation
free emotional boundaries,
if life opens you a door or a window
you choose to choke the past.

Forget about that foolish dreamer.
forget about that tired seeker,
run away now hide from the emission
transmitted by a gentle whisper.

Evolving you felt the reason to leave
because it’s easier this way I know.
we met we talked in the past
borders of a civilized world tease you…?
Foreign language, different color.

I saw you grown
not anymore that sweet vulnerable girl,
think your even? ignore me and step sideways
let me hit the wall.
Nevermore I shall go beyond my fear
I have lost you.

Time can change, if you lack individuality
lack that courage to enjoy an open talk,
right next to a boy
who cares about you more
by the day.

Black glasses close the direct contact,
dressed in white
you feel innocent or just trying to be?
You trusted me ,still do I presume
offer me that window and I will give you air,
and release  that blockage


Mihaela said...

Buna Szili!

ti-am lasat un mic premiu super dragut pentru creativitate pe blogul meu..sper sa iti placa..l-am primit si eu si il inmanez persoanelor care ma inspira prin arta lor:)
detaliile le gasesti aici:

~^()^~Mary~^()^~ said...

E minunat ce ai scris::):*

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