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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Let's play a new era

Come back let’s play a new era
let’s see could we survive,
move along on waves
you maintain me on balance,
shatter ourselves like a mirror  broken in pieces,
we reflect our love in optical illusions.
Travel million light-years ,follow the tail of a comet
we burst in colors, being the wish granters, happiest as ever,
you are my steer my brake,
 you make me accelerate,
you  make me different,
 you make me brave,
 the world seems a better place
with you in it.
If I’d kiss you,
I’d miss the taste of you lips
I’d miss your heartbeat
I miss you all day,
but what defines us ,makes up hate.
Couldn’t u said no more wait?
 instead you make me suffer. stabbing me ,enjoying  the taste?
flavor of red hot liquid bursting sideways
step and step,  with each of them crumble my soul,
with each word hurt me  more and more,
till I wont be anymore.
I forgive you  I always do,
because I love you it’s not your fault,
it’s mine I am so sorry
but this emptiness  in my soul is getting to big,
I am waiting the moment when it will explode,
 waiting the touch that  would leave me breathless,
leaves me to choke .
and I reprogram myself to hate hate hate
and destroy, to exile from the world.
If only you knew how much … you cause me
 never mind I understand you
 I really do.
Go find someone great, leave me behind
leave me to root,
 I express myself differently
but my love for you  is genuine, not fake.
I am loyal to the end
a big,a big  tragic mistake ,go find someone awesome and great.
Every night I come home
I fall  on my knees
 staring at the oblivion ,
in freezing  cold I see my breath
I exhale the substance of life,
 ohh how much I want but I cant ,
wonderful is silence
expressed by the breath you take,
the only sound  of true greatness
 hearing and feeling your heart keeping you alive,
 experienced in freezing  cold
the hearts beats lesser and lesser
 slower and slower till you say goodbye ,goodbye…
 I hate you with love.

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