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Sunday, April 11, 2010


The organized chaos begins,
I want to get away,
the air is filled with words of dispear
choking me with my own blood
I wish I never known her.
Another lost evening lived in a state of hate
from now I release your hand...
fly away and leave me alone.
for me...your dead.

This "closeness" is non-negotiable,
I am not a slave,I am a man,
So let me be...
do a final tour and disappear,
Good bye!

 "I wish I could hit someone right in the soul, to destroy that someone ,because I represent the beginning of  unimaginable chaos,I want to see the fall,to feel my own  hate...that makes me human."quote by D.Szilard

" hatred and arrogance is what  defines the 
superior human being from the cross-bred masses" quote by D.Szilard

"I want to tell to a  soul ,that tomorrow it will die,and that I will be just a neutral observer,who enjoys the show" quote by D.Szilard

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