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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hate with indifference

"I always wanted the impossible because I never could handle the possible” Demeter Sz.

At least once in a life you must die for love
don’t be so selfish share It with me ,
don’t so cruel ,don’t make me change,
you learned my defined concept
 accepted applied the human principles.
Now I fear you might rebel,
 against my wishes
 I tremble well beneath the passive indifference,
you treat as it was war
there is peace at your heart?
Leave the hate behind, glorious future awaits us
 we could fight our way through  this man made hell
 reliving the pain opening the blockage,
come lets’ pass
 and with small steps we create our destiny,
a world of ours at our judgment
and it will prevail, because we are human.

Stages and stages
underneath the calmness ,
strange behavior witnessing the passing
nothing can hurt,
yet still getting offended,
words enjoy a sweet melody upon hearing them.
Whit noise disguised as a way of touching
without experiencing the feel,
all of this meant to play tricks on our minds.
Refusing the granted
by human nature is a marker,
is our way taking everything for granted
leaving the essentials away ,
asking ,begging ,than crying the tears
whipping them  with white silk.

Words are useless you never could hear them,
I am talking to you why don’t you listen?
Frankly I known that we’d never be
I hopped I was mistaken,
 I wasn’t wrong you love something else
 beauty in essence.
 Tried tried I never succeeded
I invented the term planted poison,
 must I fail again and again
or I am winning? whatever the outcome
 its about self-preservation,
 would you forget me? yes why not,
would forgive me?
 the answer is right in front,

I hate you with love,
I ignore you with attention
 all of this means I am human.

Understanding me you understand yourself
 we fight battles that cannot be won,
our goals in life differ
 but the passion to live our life are the same in each one,
now or never I ask you to step up
make up your mind
or you  will forever lose the man
 who truly loves you the way you are.

“I always wanted the impossible because I never could handle the possible” Demeter Sz.

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