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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

best of 2011 #1 Demons resistant to light

Crowds of people drag and pull
feelings out of their soul,
 buying guilt selling lies
creating walls of darkness.
No windows .no doors.
not even lather.
We fought battles and still fight   those demons resistant to light.
We create, we destroy ,not adapting to the worst
losing our touch ,we panic and run.
Repeating it over and over again
we are small  ,but we want more,
never in a frank mood always acting
playing puppets.
And we ask and beg g for forgivness.

best of 2011 Dreams of chance

Dreams of chance

Never mind those selfish dreams,
forget about what was  and what would be,
 there is no hope, there is no chance,
let things touch ,let things go.
They are souls and hearts finding their whole
miles away, from mine and yours.
I tried so hard, now is time to let things go
I did that. but they are coming back for more and more.
haunting me destroying my soul.

The End

Days tick and tock
like seconds on the clock.
Close by lurks the end of all,
just tick and tock goes the watch,
just like that we end up in a black fogg.


And endless stream of defying odds
retaking the bliss of the eternal law,
order is chaos, lies are our guilt,
 strongly embedded in what we are
we say we were.
Hopeless thoughts not ending at all ,
syncing to what we call the: aftermath of our…
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