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Monday, July 19, 2010

To 0 to infinity

Make my heart whole again
come to me hold my hand.
Walk 12 passes tell me once,
tell a thousand times,
I want to hear it from you sweetheart.
I want to feel your presence
every moment of my life
Take breakfast with you
wishing  u good morning.
you mean the whole world to me
to a to z, to 0 to infinity.

I want you near me
think about the great times will have.
It’s a pleasure I admire you,
you got something noble, special
and I really love you.
Hundred miles plus -minus 2,
I stare at the moon I stare at you,
searching for those eyes
I get sidetracked,it’s never easy for my,
you deserve better than that.

I give you all that I have
and a little more,
I give you my heart, my soul.
Please don’t walk all over it.
Without you I am in cardiac arrest
perform CPR or else I’m dead.

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