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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life is a riddle

Life is a riddle
sometimes a joke at the sickest level,
a battle for courage a war with the world
and yourself.
 A piece of you in reborning death

Eternal thoughts
of what have you become or lost,
a desire to find unity in us.
To feel love,
to feel pain,
yes we do know harm.
Yes we felt years of sorrow,
and experienced that absolute mere        
and joyful state, of being
wanted, liked and loved.
To be hated ,condemned and judged!
To feel the burden
of the entire world on us.

To feel those knife
planted in our backs,
to feel those angels who pulled
them out,
bandaged our souls
and wished us luck & left.

They all are heavy on the soul,
they keep coming back for more and more.

Tears we shed, for the chaos we bred,
 lies told, mischief prevailed!
We all said fuck this world,
said goodbye for sure.
 Now we accept ,the challenges that lay ahead,
 now we embrace, life how it comes ,
and how it end!
We are fighters, and these we are!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Angels are sinners on earth part II

Angels are sinners and sinners are angels,
they feed upon us, we are their sextoys!
We try to redeem our souls
by fighting those wars…
The devil laughs .its getting worse.
We look in each other’s eyes
 we see lies.

They burn us inside ,claiming us alive.
They want us to feed from the tree of hate,
taunting us that this is the only way!

In this vast forest of sins and sinners ,
you stand as a martyr at the gates of heaven,
archangels come to your delight
 helping you in your fight,
 to destroy saints, as they come
to invite, you to the table of truce.

Sinners, demons angels in front of you
fall to your knees ,begging someone to stop you!
The war machine starts ,it now or never ,
the sound of death, heals your soul.

Making you stronger,
you fight as alone, no friendless ,no allies,
it is just you and them this is war!
Indifference you shout,
as they beg mercy at your feet
look upon them, you end them swift.
You are a martyr, did no harm,
you cleansed this world, cuz your conscience means more.

Driven by hate later misplaced ,
you felt it was your duty,
that honor you warship.
Nobody understands what it means to a man,
to be chosen the savior of mankind.
Heaven and hell they all collide,
right above this world we call home.
… infecting us.

Martyr I am ,
like a phoenix, I reborn from the ashes,
smile at you all,
now war is on earth ,
and there is no heaven and hell.
Its man vs man.
Engineered to by destructive,
death is us .
and we are the killers.

Angels are sinners

Angels are sinners, and sinners are angels.
Burning with lust they devour their love,
flesh on flesh, they seek refuge in us.
In this world of sins,
forever it’s been…

War rages outside, babe we ignite!
A martyr I am, in this forest of sins,
a soldier that fights, a war within.
Sometimes I lose it, start to scream,
I am losing my sanity,
keep questioning my humanity.

This sadness and feelings that hurt
makes up the tears I shed,
for me, for you, and for the entire world.

The angels start feeding on your soul,
nothing lasts forever you know.
Those gates won't hold the devil no more
lusts of the flesh take control.
Drives you crazy, just go with the flow.
Feathers are light, but they ignite!
You burn that picture ,tribute to the sky.
Baby…now you know, you are alive!.

protected by copyright: Demeter Sts. art 1. lin II , legea nr3/9

"love is what keeps us human" demeter

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


sa cunosti o gramada de femei,sa fii cu ele  caci femeia este o opera de arta in miscare,fiecare femeie are eleganta ei,rafinamentul ei definita prin eleganta gesturile sale,fiecare femeie are acel savoir-faire, si este o placere sa
o ai alaturi,femeia inseamna viata,si nu este drept sa iti traiesti viata?
cat de frumos este sa le apreciezi sa le iubesti sa vezi cat de unice,dinamice,vibranta sunt si cat de mult te fac sa te simti ca traiesti,acel sentiment,senzatie este sufocant,euforic,intoxicant!

Monday, June 04, 2012

dying appeal

Losing touch we adapt to a mere thought,

insecurity leaves us
breathless beneath all.
Peeling off our shadows ,layered in obvious patterns,
secrets are in us…your lies are so beautiful as you are.

Imagine… picture perfect memories haunting us down
tearing apart what is left of us,
hiding amongst words
we don’t dare to act .

Losing our touch
we silence each other with a muffled gun.
Life is short don’t be afraid to act,
what will happen ,remains between us.

Mislead by a path,
I find myself asphyxiated and left,
to be feed upon by dreams..
 that haunt me while I’m awake.
Only resting ,when I am in deep sleep, and then
I am vulnerable to threats.

Never safe ,but hurt again and again,
seeking refuge ,where others don’t dare to stand :
at the limits of sanity-
there ,where,the chaos began!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 meet again

same thing,the same old thing.I think she really don't cares,but why I CARE? hmm...why can't I just let loose and say good riddance???
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