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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A way out?

Come after me,
show me the way
thru trust and obedience!
Who am I kidding?
waiting for a bitter end!
Who am I fooling?
asking(pretty please)for a chance!
there's no hope,
no happy end! :(

Just alone,on my own
trespassing, on a forbidden zone,
seeking a way out from the blizzard storm,
but you'r white,you'r camouflaged!
I'm not able to see you,
But I least I know:
that you'r out here,somewhere too.

And if I get lost,
it's gonna be,my own damn fault,
because I'didn't treasured you enough,
nobody's coming to my rescue!
...this is faith?God bless....I knew....

" we already have a definition...
it's short,easy and simple...
which explains the need(reason*)
to search(look*)for a more intricate,
complex word....
we humans we don't appreciate simple,
precious words  or moment's
*** one day
we are here,the next we're gone-forgotten,
...but it's always somebody,
who spoils the whole thing " J.D.Sz.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the lost embrace

Your presence,
your sweet smile,
beautiful hair,
that awesome eyes
those moves,gestures and lullabies,
your voice,and calculated speeches,
and that slightly indiference,
I miss all,and I miss you
miss those best days with you.
I want to get to know you
with one step at a time,
and I see,I feel,I know
I can't hide it anymore.

"And if I could draw
I'd draw you,
on the ceiling of my heart
and you'd be the first and last,
to feel my rhythm of life" quote J.D.Szilard

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Come around

Come around

I wish I could die
holding your hands
feelin' you tremble,
as you assist me
on my last stand
would it be enough
hearing my last words?
words that reffer to you
my dearist...
I bleed,I cry,I scream,I die!
My allegiance to you
is eternal,I don't lie!

But you can't stand near my grave
without crying everyday,
bringin'me flowers...paying a debt?
so you admit huh...
because of you I'm dead.

Feeling scarred,
that I will haunt you?
be sure of that,nobody escapes
nor me,nor you!
Having me on your conscience...
scary thought,ain't it?
How could you live your life
knowing that I'm dead
and your alive.


I watched you smile,
almost daily I saw you pass by...
walking in a hurry..acting all so busy,
small steps,you never looked...
Who would have thought
that you've got,
your own personal stalker,
following up close...
you sure got yourself out of it,
that's more like it!

Interesting words
"The way I looked in your eyes?
looked at you?"
You were a beauty,
it's my fault?what could I done?
I was helpless,no wonder you left,
without taking a last goodbye
What did you thought?
"Hey shit another psycho,
I can't let this go to far!"
I'm sorry,I truly honestly am,
failed you,failed myself
a great start to finsh the end. :(

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nevertheless meaningless

After all, time bents,
slides wishes of fortune
nevertheless meaningless,
you dare to stand alone,
when wawes shatter the shore.
Like a castle of cards
you perish at the slightest touch,
beneath is nothing more
than that awesome silence,
constantly reminds me
how I dared to dream you!

I am a seeker,
searching my whole life,
I want to escape...
everyday is a struggle to maintain
this superficial act of survival,
seeing something that I like
but knowing that I can't have it,
you dare to judge me?
if you only knew..
what battles I fight with myself, in my head,
if only for a day,you take my place
you would end up bezerk,lost insane!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A platonic touch of a blind soul...

“Ea numaidecat o umbra  al jocului morbid,o  atingere platonica al sufletului orbit de iubire,dar lasat in voia sortii….extravaganta in plina ascensiune comsica,in plina formare  intr-o lume comuna,O forma supla ce ademeneste nefiinta in lumina,dar totusi pe cand se apropia| simtea el,acel gol  care ii apasa inima,subconstientul  realiza conexiunea iar el simtea acea atingere…..”

“Ea nu era mereu  in viziunea lui,Ea era o “liberta” un suflet pur dintr-o alta aparenta  inselatoare,se vedea in ochii Ei,era diferita,acea privire atenta,directa  mereu atintita asupra lui,el era confuz,si tot il intreba pe J.D.~pot sa am incredere in Ea?Ea nu este ca noi?!J.D pe un ton grav:Lasa-te  condus si uita,doar uita…El asculta sfatul,pasea, pentru ultima data s-a uitat in spate,vedea pe altcineva…se pare ca nu o cunoastea pana la urma,si isi continua drumul spre”oblivion”  :”

"stia ca o cunoaste...dar vedea reflectia...asupra caruia plana inevitabilul...mergea cu pasi repezi...dar Ea il somn,in vis in cosmare pe drum...Ea ii era alaturi,dar el simtindu-se cu acel fior,simturile dezertau,iar el se pierdu' pentru intotdeauna in lumea creata de el insusi"

Friday, February 05, 2010

Hiking Rimetea + prezentare noua

Ok prezint doar cele mai reusite poze:) si plus traseul  de pe google earth:
traseul le-am marcat cu linie intrerupta neagra x-urile reprezinta locurile de start si finis.
am inceput pe la 10:30 si la 4:55 am terminat. am facut multi km,nu stiu exact dar 8km+ sigur.
Am fost doi,eu si Lehel varu-meu,iar o fost grozav,am dovedit existenta unui mit,care se pare ca se revela doar celor norocosi si numai in feb.:D sunt absolut incantat,asa ceva rar vezi.
si sa nu mai va retin,urmeaza pozele:P

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Torn apart

sorry for my bad  handwriting...I was in a hurry:P,and sorry for the mistakes:) "come to an end" I yeah! but it was 4 a.m.!! and knowed-known

here is the clear version: but not corrected!!!!

                                                                      Torn apart

She is gone...
but she remains untouched
she never left,
her words are guiding us,
heavy on the soul,
it's hard to let go,
but I can't!I won't!
I tried,I knowed!

Sadly all things come to an end
time can't be stopped
loosen or forgot,
but you influenced us
in more ways than one,
nobody is winning
we all suffered a loss.

According to you
it's not the end
it's only the start,
things are about to change
in better to rough.
Deep inside smtg.ain't right
cold shivers empty heart,
a piece of me just torned apart,
will I ever be complete? 
I quess not.

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