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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want to enlist in the american army!!!IHooraah! Ace of spades and Memphis Dance

Ace of spades

Delightful touches of a dying empire
the lord of life metamorphosed and blind,
a carrier never seen,
forgotten perhaps.
Delivering indulgence to our hearts,
a skiddish thought,
taking with her a little part, of me of her,
uniting us, a new bread the Herrenrasse!

Memphis Dance

Slipping away from a predefined route
taking a chance you’re so rude,
I like walking my fingers in your hair
I dare to touch, to talk, feel free to hit me if you want,
make me smile make me feel alive,
Don’t be sad just be you.
And tell me the words that I want to hear.

Its all in my head,
in real life is never gonna happen,
I know that!, why must things be so complicated?
why all this mambo-jumbo crap?
I need a real hug a friend,
I need her to straighten my life,
she is my pulse my vibe.
She is the voice of reason inside my head.

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Zam Fir Pop said...

Off-topic: Blogmeet CUA 3 se va desfăşura sâmbătă, 22 mai, la orele 16, la Restaurantul Andrei din Câmpia Turzii. Pentru detalii, citiţi şi postaţi comentariu.

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