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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just some thoughts

Strictly known only by the two of us,
trying to speak you don’t let me
guide me to the truth,
if I don’t listen drag me in front of it
with your words explain that
I am not worth a chance, change me to become the opposite.

Years of concealing in my heart deepest place,
only I  know how much you mean to me,
but you cease to believe in me.
It happened in plain site
how can I resist? I know,I know I can’t touch
I just want to talk…

Or is it that to much?...I can’t give up
you are my goal, decades could pass
I will be waiting for an answer,
do whatever just to prove I am better
because of you.

1 comment:

Mihaela said...

premii noi, roz cu picatele presarate, toate la mine pe blog, si pentru tine afisate! :)

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