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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Flavor of Humans


all in our brains,trying to raise fences,
unspoken acts,words,remarkable flirts
limitless skyes,borrowed behaviors,
dreams act of heroism?
reality lack of manifestation.
Intruded minds,well meant efforts
crying wawes of enlightened nightmares,
truly devoting...time of essence
all this represent the flavor of humans.


Play it nice,play it cool
it's not that...
but it's no time for fools.
Walk quietly,try to evade
let society to be blamed
it's not your fault,

they made you!
now go and show them
how nice can you play to
forget modesty,you get orgies
44 naked beautiful girls
make an I.E.D.
codename it blue,
because they like bright colors
ain't it true?
say the words"God is great"
now blow yourself up
generate hate!

listen if you steel any of my work,my art that makes you a fck.bastard.I made it,I have the right to publicize it!If you want something contact me,we can work together,if not:have a pleasant day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This period wasn't great at all,
the childish belief's
in which I put my fatih in
are forever gone.

The time has come
to carry on,
search for something else,
because now she is gone.

So I look upon my memories
slowly dying inside, much I miss...
but she ceases to exist.

New year is closing in,
significantly shreds me,
how can I make peace?when I am at war...
how can I be human once more?

Funny this so called "...first sight"
it leave's you breathless
leave's you to die,without a fight,
I was sooo reckless.

But now is allright?
 hope I was polite...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Vintage Christnas photos

don't steal my photos!!that makes you a fck bastard.yet still X-mas is coming,and I need to find myself a girl,someone with who I cand feel right at home;).So Merry X-mas to you all girls and boys,Happy Holidays,and don't forget I love you;)do you love me too?

Friday, December 18, 2009

La săniuş

O zi plina:) o zi fost la sala,am facut o livrare la domicilu,o plimbarea  cu un amic,si am fost la sanius
abia de cateva minute am ajuns acasa.
Pot sa spun ca o fost grozav,intr-un loc surprinzator, ascuns dar accesibil,nestiut pana acuma de mine,si pe drumul spre casa am mai descoperit noi locuri:))unde nu am fost niciodata ma refer la strazi ciudate,pe serpentine
pierdute'n campie:)
Am pornit 2,am recrutat inca un membru,am ajuns acolo si ne-am alaturat unui grup de 7 indivizi,+inca 2,discutii,barfe si alea alea:P
In concluzie o fost fain.
P.s. ma doare spatele:(( dar macar m-am distrat;)-maine poate pun si cateva poze:P
Ceau si nb la toti;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's snowing outside,finally:D

very nice, considering that it is unexpected ... because we were accustomed already with the delays of winter,meaning short bursts of snow during short periods of time and only in late december in day 25.or above or starting to snow decently as late as mid january that's why it is so unexpected,but it's a pleasure it's snowing abundantly outside and frankly it makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside:)),even if outside it's cold:P.
Why? how could you possibly not feel blessed?when we know very well ,that our economical growth has more downsides( in the future) then expected pozitiv behavior( in the prezent),global warming and all that surely assures us that we are on a wrong track,and all this let's call them Christmas miracles are a blessing,who really knows the fact
that we are destroying nature and keeping this habit we are destroying ourselfs too.
Sorry for my bad English,lack of practice:P.correct me would you?:)
Ok now it's the time for showing off my talent":)) ( making great photos and awesome snowman's :))) )!
have a look:D
the romanian version:

the russian version:

and a little somethin'somethin'

Thursday, December 10, 2009

december 4.2009.climbing expe. pestera.Ungarn

Acuma am avut eu chef sa scriu postarea:P am tot amanat de pe 4 6 si acuma suntem  in 10 si era timpul deja sa va povestesc despre aventura:).
Am planuit-o cu 2 zile inainte,si gratie prietenului nostru* Sebi,care a adus coarda si ne-a asigurat transportul,am  pornit vineri pe la 11.

O priveliste remarcabila,cand am ajuns chiar la intrarea in Chei.totul era acoperit cu ceata,avea un decor romantic,invaluit in cand inainteam spre destinatie.

Ajuns la un punct,am luat o ne uitam in jur,privind,cat de frumos este,si cat de frumos ar fi fost daca ar fi nins,apropo uitati grupul neinfricat de aventurieri:)):P.

Dupa 40 de minute prin serpentine in sus,am ajuns.Era  mai mare decat imi imaginam.
A urmat stabilirea HQ-ului si dezechiparea,si analizand mansele pe care urma sa ne cataram.

Urmatoarea poza va arata cat de mare este pestera,asa sa va faceti o coltul drept jos nu stiu daca vedeti bine,suntem noi.deci imagine!

Iar pana la urma ne-am apucat de catarat,dupa multe incercari am reusit sa invingem stanca:)) sau ma rog partial am reusit:P ,urmeaza o revansa:P

cele 2 de sus sunt facute pe cand ma cataram in pestera,iar cel de jos este  afara la mansa Zoliko.

O mica pauza,ma gandeam cum sa fac sa trec de un pas greu:)

Cam asta a fost rezumatul aventurii,puteam sa infloresc un pic,dar simpla este mult mai captivanta.
Am cunoscut oameni noi,mi-am prieteni noi si am solidificat legaturile existente,si am scapat din jungla urbana:P.

sper ca v-a placut.:D
P.s astept pareri:P

Friday, December 04, 2009


In dreptului ostatic-injunghiat si epuizat
rasplatit cu soc anafilactic ..alergic la plumb
sta un erou pierdut,printre medalii
mercenar in 7 state
trupul cicatrice,plumb in el
plumb ieftin dureros in amintire
uitandu-se in gol,cu fiori..

Vazut el lupte,multe multe
soldat din mostenire,continua sa lupte
dar din el se scurge al nostru pur sange
facandu-se o balta,intunecata si calda
usor alunecand,eroul cade
in viata ce se scurge ,in el se ineaca si moare!

Un alt om inspirat,mandru si pirat
cu gestul egoist il numeste o victima colaterala!
mandru al dracului pirat,zambeste deocheat
dar al lui mandrie dispare
cand fica sa atacata cu bestialitate 
ucisa cu plumb ieftin,faurit din 7 state
cu trupul cicatrice plumb in el,dureros in amintire.


Pe un platou aflat in muntii Nyetgeri
sta un barbat al lumii martor
stapaneste bestia din stanca
asigurat si neinfricat el tot urca
din copilarie inspirat de un om adevarat
sa incerce sa ajunga pe culmi noi sa fie legenda...
si de atuncea el porni si nu se opri.

Ajunge pe treapta naravasa,spre seara
mai mult mort decat viu,dar sangele in el clocoteste
inca un pas si reuseste
orbit de glorie si reusita el nu observa
aluneca si se loveste 
si continua sa cada in prapastia adinca.

tot ce este pe blog,poezie,proza etc este creatia mea personala,eu am scris-o eu am inventat si gandit totul.

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