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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flash forward guess

Flash forward guess

It’s happening right now
I am missing you in my heart,
every move I make, each breath I take,
takes me closer to the edge
of my mistake.
I’d go back in november
turn around and change
I’d do anything I just want to feel okay.
All I want is your forgiveness
all I want is to hold you,
you remember that
we had such great times
 flash forward guess….
and start believing .

I miss you sweetheart
past had such great things,
tragically we always forget
 it’s to late come back,
 we will be together some day,
even do u might make
the wrong choices in the right times,
I will never ask for goodbyes.
We were all that I wanted more,
She and you and her
 kept it hidden now or ever…
almost forever.

I want to know
you’re an actress
said and changed the rules
stopped why?
You play with hearts,
in all this mess you could loose yours
Don’t leave like this
 it’s 5:58
 I want u in my place
to watch the birth of a new day.      made by the author D.Szilard protected licensed content

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