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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

To all my friends

To all my friends

In the last past days
I felt so strange,
I felt alone, and that scares me.
What is up ?what is wrong?
Were are my friends?!? they all are gone…
Really, I miss those old good times
how I want them one more time,
I miss some people miss them so much,
my heart is empty,
 I am feeling drained, battered up.

Were are those times
 we use to spend outside?
talking ,being together what’s up?
Some of those people
They… just continued there life’s
hundred of miles  apart of mine’s.

Always the distance,
there is always something in the mid part.
But I guess this is life:
 sometimes unfair,
sometimes rough.
Holidays are coming moments to enjoy
My only wish is to have you all
 close to me ,and all I want
is to say Happy Holidays,
God bless you all my dearest of friends,
 without you I am not myself at all.

I miss  those times when we used to laugh,
I miss those people who just left,
I miss those days of joy imperfect,
Hours, minutes, they were beautiful,
Oh how much I want to get together, and have a chat,
Smile, exchange news and laugh.
How much I want to have all of you around,
my old good friends, I miss you all so much.
This goes to those working abroad:
take care you guys and at least once in a while,

let me now that you are fine,
let me now that your happy and smile,
I wish you all a white x-mas
merry moments and tasty treats,
and all the love and friendship that I can give.

Times is merciless, time ends fast,
treasure each moment you have,
 it could be your last.
The best way is to spend it with family and friends,
they are the most important gift you have. God bless.

by Demeter Szilard J.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

City Angel

 Bring me down bring me up,
 take my closer to your heart,
 I wanted you to know
 that nothing is for show,
wanted to watch you smile again
walk your fingers in your pretty hair
 make me fall, make me stare,
 just stand there.

Your voice and  smile
 your way to be,is so sexy
 so feel free to realize
that such  beautiful things
 exists in real life,
 how you pronounce every word,
 when you smile when you joke
you’re so funny you’re so cute,
 when you walk your pretty leggs
 around that crowded place,
how you talk, how you socialize, how you are
how all the things you touch become something of valor
I like your lips,I like your dimples,
I like the way you are and who you are,
freedom bird of the new urban
you’re a city angel a lodestar.

Dedicated to Dr.M. Irina Ioana

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

White snow white snow

White snow ,white snow,
cold is your touch
bury my worm heart.
White snow, white snow,
keep up,bury us all alive.
White snow ,white snow,
you’re so white,
snow and snow and never stop!

"my empire of hearts and hatchets"
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