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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flash forward guess

Flash forward guess

It’s happening right now
I am missing you in my heart,
every move I make, each breath I take,
takes me closer to the edge
of my mistake.
I’d go back in november
turn around and change
I’d do anything I just want to feel okay.
All I want is your forgiveness
all I want is to hold you,
you remember that
we had such great times
 flash forward guess….
and start believing .

I miss you sweetheart
past had such great things,
tragically we always forget
 it’s to late come back,
 we will be together some day,
even do u might make
the wrong choices in the right times,
I will never ask for goodbyes.
We were all that I wanted more,
She and you and her
 kept it hidden now or ever…
almost forever.

I want to know
you’re an actress
said and changed the rules
stopped why?
You play with hearts,
in all this mess you could loose yours
Don’t leave like this
 it’s 5:58
 I want u in my place
to watch the birth of a new day.      made by the author D.Szilard protected licensed content

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Assemble once more
that old forgotten soul
gather those roots,
 they extend, tens of meters underground.
Don’t search the surface,
search that depth,
 hidden for years
you can’t understand….
Deprived to find a meaning,
 barely seen light
 but highly experienced treason.
Open your arms
show them compassion,
with a little luck
they might forgive you.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

October and Leaves that fall

Weather has changed, everything is new,
the only things remaining are my feelings for you.
Maybe you left,
wounding my soul…
A part of you remains at my hearts door,
beating a rhythm  just I can understand,
one violin, one sad story at the end.
When those broken sounds,
and your catching fragrance merge
making a poem, of the oblivion
layered in bittersweet sensations.
When the violins stop and that poem is not written,
life ends a cycle
and takes me with him.
Never shall I trust myself,
no music is playing… condemned to silence,
a thousand violins could play
I could never hear them.

Leaves that fall

Leaves that fall…
they could be compared to us all,
lost each other in the chaos that followed.
Without one and another they are not the same,
they are falling to the ground,
and that’s the only thing
they have in common.
Misery soon follows,
destiny plays the cards right
always wins, taking us out.
We are soldiers of luck
on a field scattered with landmines,
blindfolded and uselessly carrying  big guns.
We had our orders,
we gone rogue that’s fine,
let me hug you, hold your hand
and take a couple of steps…
I never say goodbye
not even at the end.
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