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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What’s our purpose?

Today I stud in front of the porch,
all kinda thoughts, made me feel  unsecure.
Where is the world heading now?
I don’t want to be a part of it.
What’s our purpose?,  of being here,
To be alive? Well, we all pretty much act dead!
To be human? We are experts on that.
We don’t give a crap.
To find our mates?(loved ones)surely that’s a joke,
we cheat each-other in any given occasion(time).

I’m The Bad Guy?
My dreams slowly fade away…
as like  my place in the upcoming future,
“I like modesty. It’s our basic virtue,
a virtue of courage, in a world sooo dark blue.” My own  quote
People they don’t want to know,
when you buy a new firm shoe.
I don’t like crowded places,
because I’m unsure,
they all got something with me,
It’s like strange…spooky.

I try to evade, using a self defense technique,
blend in with a few.
People are funny, and I am too,
I have self-respect, I have dignity!
They try to make me,
join the other side,
keep telling them, if I lose what I’ve got,
then I am dead.
All those fancy girls, and gangster boys,
with their high-maintenance romance.
I’m excluded, why?
Because I have principles!
I am not false, just plane natural.
Kids aged 18 driving a BMW 7 series,
me with my 2 seated toy wagon, one man power,
kinda feeling like the big boys do*.
Parking it, on one square feet..I’m screwed.
I’m sorry, that I am not perfect!
Sorry if my car is not yet produced!
Sorry if my family isn’t perfect!
I am sorry for everything that might cause harm.

Like  I said, did nothing right in two decades,
feeling kind unworthy to be living…
Where are my 15 minutes of glory?
Where is my change to prove-myself….
That I’m just a man who wants
To  be your friend. 



you're angry ? :)it will pass...
the problem seems to be... surviver. we work just to day it's our goal.
i'm pretty much agry with you.
but hope it's something that remains.don't give up.

szilárd demeter said...

thanks C.Laurentiu,a little angry,for one reason...yeah work to survive.and survive to work again. I believe that the future is bright:P at least I'm trying:) Have a great weekend:)

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