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Monday, March 22, 2010

A dream ,Understand and photos

A dream

Lost in the night...
under clear blue sky,
combining dream with meditation
desire with reality.

On the horizon is light,
it reveals the dream,
begins the moment.
No line, no love song,
just a quiet whisper
said with a subtle gesture,
look.. I love you
I look into your eyes,
I hug you, and tell you:
wake up, baby
you do not exist
and I can not sleep.


Silent whisper touches my soul
Can I hear you once more?
Can I take your hand, can we go?
abandoned and alone....
Where is my path?
You don’t understand!
You’re the one that makes me
 feel right at home,
even do I’m miles away,
distant and cold,
I could catch a stray bullet
right in my chest, I could die,
but I’m always on your side!

Years could pass by,
 no one will notice,
just you and I.
You’re nice you’re sweet,
you complete me.
You are all that I want, to have and see.


mihaela said...

beautiful poem!
time is ticking...
frumoase si foto, nice angles and light!vreau si eu ceas din acela.. :(


szilárd demeter said...

multumesc mult Mihaela,yeah time is ticking,vrei ceasul poate ajungem la o intelegere:P

artjokey said...

nu m-as indura sa iti "confisc" ceasul, desi e irezistibil :)
poate iti e amintire...

sufletica said...

frumoase versuri, poze, o lume de vis.Mie imi place catelul.:D

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