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Monday, March 15, 2010

Portret of all,that's me

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Best of luck
keeping up,
never a way out,
stuck in this mud.
Saved by the bell?
I say!
who am I?
I really proved that,
did nothing right,
not even third place
never taking it seriously,
damned if I'd be
I see...I realize,
where is that impulse
that I need?
I must change,change msyelf
I wanna be...
never mind...
I had my change,
it wasn't fare
this is life,
I must somehow survive.

Every walk in the public zone,
at the mercy of all who saw,
seeing me walk
they talk.
I listen,I know
and can guess precisely.
Oh God...
what a difficult child I must be!
Noble thought helping out,
why nobody helps me now?
"Keep up kid,your dead
not in trend,
never got the sts of a friend"
what did I do wrong???
I messed up ,I'm messed up
a hybrid!, cruel luck
dreaming of......
expensive movement
better of.
I think,I learn,no'ones concerned?
so I'm alone,no surprise!

I'm sincere
I always was,
in need of a joint heart
a warm hugg,
listen please...
it's that so hard,
asking patience,understanding
but no!!!
All of you judge,
if you were in my place?....
did u ever thought...
this kid is ripping himself appart!
why? it easy
trying to please...
all of's tough!
when you are alone,
nobody's coming in your rescue,
I wanna be different,
walking around with friends
I meant..
but now for me is sf.
the end.
I'm being paranoid,
I need a prescription drug
Vallium's great,
taking me in Alice's place
heck...I might be able to sit up straight!
but no it's a mistake!
here you sue a whore
for not giving it down
after she ate.
Walking in the reflector's light?
hey producer!!
that ain't right.
I opened your eyes?
great job
stilish cover-up
end now what?

Where is the love?
just hate...?
I often contemplate,
why should others be so damn great
as I said it's hard for me,
even to walk out,
than I'm always polite
nice to people
and they think that I'm their slave?
always helping 
offering my soul
they say.... 
my heart is worth not much
equivalent with a kilo of dust
they say I'm stupid,dunce
a weird kid,because I have...
I'm a man, not a child!
they are crazy!
care to judge me?
Time is running out
hiting soon twenty,
life is ending
what did I done in 
two decades?
you tell me!
God!I .... you
get over those.
My friends...
are they any??
they are acting actors,on a thin stage
"O my God,I'm sooo great
the world gravitates around me
I am educated in street
Ima like gansta
mami where are my jujubeams?"
nice perspective slick.

Maybe they are wankstas
the only thing gravitating around them,
is their hands in their crouch
they are men?Hot damn!
Kids with big mouths...
but get to the point:
I always shown 
a great interest for you,
not interesed in me?
you want cl klasz?-& George Clooney?
I'm sorry!
I don't got a huge pocket 
full of money,
I can't offer you much
only my heart,
my full attention and
best wishes of luck.
I am not one of those
high class trendy
man-whores( =)) )
who can amaze you
with their false words,
I'm not gansta, nor a star
I'm just a boy
who likes you more,
but ur cold!,
you want someone else?
the best of the best
I got it.I alywas got it
I'm not like the rest.
Forgive me...
you won,now your happy?
you'd better be
I would never be...
God,you did more damage
to me
than an I.E.D.
I'm downright depressive.

Maybe a little Vallium
with a shot of wkisky,
or something more cheap
like homemade moonshine
and a copuld of sleeping pills...
I dream of you,
you dream of me?
of course not,
for you and for all
I'm nothing more than
a surpluss.

It took me,more then 2hours
wrote it on my cell
it's 2 a.m.
you'd better say something
or else I go crazy,
c'mon,it's not that hard
at least fake it,
show that you care
She knows that this is for her
have a great week!
show them no mercy.
A couple of stubborn kids
never stopped you,
they never did.
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