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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shallow existence

Shallow existence
ascends upon me a blue aura,
crows in the trees taking shelter,
alone in the park
sitting on the bench,
it’s great..Peaceful, you can relax…
The weather is great,
My wristwatch ticks, it’s 7.38   
my eyes plays tricks,
shadows mislead me,
I’m surprised, a girl is coming
in my way… everything is black
I’m laughing; it couldn’t be the Grim Reaper.

Waiting…thinking …about my future
If I could pass the…a dream come true,
I could pursue my life’s wish…
After 5 minutes, my mind is blank
not a single thought, nothing,
I’m indifferent.
I want to learn to draw beautiful shapes
just raw art,
 I want to do something to feel involved.
I hope someone could help,
if not I will start from scratch,
all alone... I need a girl
who can understand…
the pleasure to create something
with your bare hand,
It’s a dying art,
the beginning of the end.

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i like photo.water as a background for something that lets you be creative...Adobe:)

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