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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Perturbed Discretion ,Promise me beyond 2010 .Decades of Decay, my life explained in my poetry

Perturbed discretion

Open up and smile, lie to me
Just do it beautifully,
I don’t care, your sheer presence
Makes me feel alive.
More often my nights and hours
lost time… become fragments
Of dealt guilt,
Not forgotten or accepted.

I just stare, amazed
How warm- cold are my emotions,
my fears feast on it,
Story’s emerge
and explain  themselves as
Speechless blackouts.

You have a life, your living it
do you really dare to ease up a little bit?
Having thoughts, emotions,
you expelled  them!
Turning around, showing no trauma
accepting just for now, when you get home
your feelings erup ,attacking you.
Shredding you in parts.
You try to do your best,
unanswered questions still remain.
Are you uncertain? always asking…
So how do you feel? In need of a change?
Or just keep doing the same.
Still waiting for a miracle?
I ask you please, explain!

Promise me beyond 2010

Grant me a single wish
my only one:
When life shall end
You’d be my sun,
maintaining my soul
keeping me alive,
With you on my side
I confront my fears,
I can’t die.
My pride, my glory my honor
Is called loyalty.

Tell me…
I’m begging’ on my knees
Can’t you see?
Don’t ask me to leave
you know that I can’t,
I’ve already ended a bound…
no brunette is higher than a blond.
She is beautiful, smart…
but you are the adored,
The First One!

I grant you 7 wishes
but in change, grant me just one:
Promise me!
 that you won’t leave me!
Promise me!,
You’d come!

Decades of Decay

Rotten, infested tress
inhabited by scavengers,
seeking in the midnights’ grasp
poor victims of innocent  pleasures.
Darkness hides screams of madness,
when people fall eaten by maggots’,
involved in this decomposition of the soul,
Soldier of Death takes them from underneath.

Paved roads, lead nowhere
following them recognizing my suicide,
Falling sideways hitting the pavement
blood in my veins’ spoiled by the calmness,
that gentle fall, gentle taste
It’s cold yet still warm, no hope,
my blood offers my shelter ,
black dark tress staring at me…
tall creature’s  scary genetics.

Bastions of a subestimated empire,
Soldiers that have seen decades of decay,
mercenaries hired by the Reaper
Grown  in human material.

I wake up, still laying on the cold pave.
still thinking about you
standing on my knees, crying…
I lose my conscience…
January’s witnessing


Zam Fir Pop said...

Dincolo de orice laudă ori critică: eşti ungur sau român? Ori doar din categoria celor ameninţaţi de ... greblă?!

szilárd demeter said...

Sunt Maghiar!

mihaela said...

foarte frumoase si extrem de expresive si fotografiile acestea :)
si cele din postul de mai jos.
in imaginea pe fondul verzui si putina ceata, era dimineata sau seara? imi place mult..

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