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Friday, March 19, 2010

Memories of you

Memories of you
embedded in my conscience,
appears untouched
at least for now,
for a brief silent moment
our eyes collided, I never,
have thought, that I had
the courage, to watch, to stand up.
It was short, but gave me the will
to continue.
I known from the start
that I've haven't got a change,
nor the luck
to be friends, to talk...
It was once in a life time offer ,which I missed,
I should had been more alive.

I like the way you think…
So different,
I like the way you move,
never in a hurry
every time, I saw you, you weren't relaxed,
always being dragged,
asked... and sent to do that.
And you willingly accepted.
You went...
Are they still making you laugh?

1 comment:

mihaela said...

foarte frumoasa fotografia asta!
chiar esti modest :)

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