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Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Saturday

something new :P trying something called (by me) "explain one day"

Waking up, my phone is ringing,
one of my friends calling..
“Hey man do you have a printer?
Yeah  I  do, but it’s outta ink
Go see if the Xerox machine,
in that store near you works.”
Then  he calls again…
35 minutes of talking, nice wakeup call man.
Getting up from my bed, going into the kitchen
making breakfast…smells awesome,
 and goes straight  down with a
nice cup of hot tea.
News on Tv ,Ohh…gotta  be kidding..politics!
Changing channel ...Saint Scott, not again!
Starting my pc..bip..bip..Let’s see:
Messenger is on, I’m available,
I’m talking with a girl:
“Nice Szili,I like what you wrote…
Well thanks Cattie ,thanks again for you help and support.
She is really nice, miss independent…
Open-minded warm hearted.

Going outside, where is my comrade?
Aaa their he is, come here boy...
The most dearest and funniest friend,
my german shepherd …. Akela.
Come on boy, go fetch the ball!!!
Yeah,yeah you thought about that a lot?
Ehh…what can I say smart dog,
I love him so much.

Then I equip, and leaving my house,
going to the gym,
people everywhere…they don’t stop and stare,
always in a rush, running back and fourth.
Cars making that annoying noise.
Entering the gym ,Ohh Saint Scott…I need a HAZMAT suit
It’s full with somekind of smoke!
Leaved early..two sweet girls passing by me,
turning my head, looking….I’m naughtyJ
Ooops they looked to…
kinda blushing I don’t know what to do,
waving my hand my hand, hello nice seeing you.
I called my friend:”let’s meet man,
right now I’m heading back.”
My friend let’s call him Hive,
rushing  to a party somewhere in Cluj.
Good bye.

Arriving home, washing my hands,
it’s 6 o’clock, time for me to make desert ,
and some solid food :P .
My mom arrives “Nice cake Szilard”
Staying with her 2 hours, laughing and joking,
than going to my room…I’m planning…
Sunday maybe I go climbing…
It’s not up to me, where is my friend from Alba,
He isn’t calling me, okay another weekend…
Good morning :P

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