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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Torn apart

sorry for my bad  handwriting...I was in a hurry:P,and sorry for the mistakes:) "come to an end" I yeah! but it was 4 a.m.!! and knowed-known

here is the clear version: but not corrected!!!!

                                                                      Torn apart

She is gone...
but she remains untouched
she never left,
her words are guiding us,
heavy on the soul,
it's hard to let go,
but I can't!I won't!
I tried,I knowed!

Sadly all things come to an end
time can't be stopped
loosen or forgot,
but you influenced us
in more ways than one,
nobody is winning
we all suffered a loss.

According to you
it's not the end
it's only the start,
things are about to change
in better to rough.
Deep inside smtg.ain't right
cold shivers empty heart,
a piece of me just torned apart,
will I ever be complete? 
I quess not.


miha said...

nice, sincere words, nostalgic times :)
the grammar mistakes are more interesting in their original way:)

Demeter Szilard said...

multumesc miha,ms pt.cuvintele de sus.apreciez

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