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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A way out?

Come after me,
show me the way
thru trust and obedience!
Who am I kidding?
waiting for a bitter end!
Who am I fooling?
asking(pretty please)for a chance!
there's no hope,
no happy end! :(

Just alone,on my own
trespassing, on a forbidden zone,
seeking a way out from the blizzard storm,
but you'r white,you'r camouflaged!
I'm not able to see you,
But I least I know:
that you'r out here,somewhere too.

And if I get lost,
it's gonna be,my own damn fault,
because I'didn't treasured you enough,
nobody's coming to my rescue!
...this is faith?God bless....I knew....

" we already have a definition...
it's short,easy and simple...
which explains the need(reason*)
to search(look*)for a more intricate,
complex word....
we humans we don't appreciate simple,
precious words  or moment's
*** one day
we are here,the next we're gone-forgotten,
...but it's always somebody,
who spoils the whole thing " J.D.Sz.


Zam Fir Pop said...

Bănuiesc că ar merge, alături, şi o traducere în română. Chiar lângă una în maghiară.

cornel said...

imi place ! intrebari, intrebari....cine sintem, ce vrem si unde mergem...stii ca acea clasica : ecce homo !

szilárd demeter said...

multumesc pt.comenturi.Planuiesc sa scriu ceva in romana,iar da Cornel intrebari foarte multe:) si exact ecce homo

Zam Fir Pop said...

Off topic:
Primul Blogmeet din CUA se va desfăşura sâmbătă, 6 martie 2010, la orele 14, în Sala mică a Casei de cultură “Ionel Floaşiu” din Câmpia Turzii. Se va continua la cafeneaua de peste drum!

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