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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Come around

Come around

I wish I could die
holding your hands
feelin' you tremble,
as you assist me
on my last stand
would it be enough
hearing my last words?
words that reffer to you
my dearist...
I bleed,I cry,I scream,I die!
My allegiance to you
is eternal,I don't lie!

But you can't stand near my grave
without crying everyday,
bringin'me flowers...paying a debt?
so you admit huh...
because of you I'm dead.

Feeling scarred,
that I will haunt you?
be sure of that,nobody escapes
nor me,nor you!
Having me on your conscience...
scary thought,ain't it?
How could you live your life
knowing that I'm dead
and your alive.


I watched you smile,
almost daily I saw you pass by...
walking in a hurry..acting all so busy,
small steps,you never looked...
Who would have thought
that you've got,
your own personal stalker,
following up close...
you sure got yourself out of it,
that's more like it!

Interesting words
"The way I looked in your eyes?
looked at you?"
You were a beauty,
it's my fault?what could I done?
I was helpless,no wonder you left,
without taking a last goodbye
What did you thought?
"Hey shit another psycho,
I can't let this go to far!"
I'm sorry,I truly honestly am,
failed you,failed myself
a great start to finsh the end. :(

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Zam Fir Pop said...

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