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Monday, June 04, 2012

dying appeal

Losing touch we adapt to a mere thought,

insecurity leaves us
breathless beneath all.
Peeling off our shadows ,layered in obvious patterns,
secrets are in us…your lies are so beautiful as you are.

Imagine… picture perfect memories haunting us down
tearing apart what is left of us,
hiding amongst words
we don’t dare to act .

Losing our touch
we silence each other with a muffled gun.
Life is short don’t be afraid to act,
what will happen ,remains between us.

Mislead by a path,
I find myself asphyxiated and left,
to be feed upon by dreams..
 that haunt me while I’m awake.
Only resting ,when I am in deep sleep, and then
I am vulnerable to threats.

Never safe ,but hurt again and again,
seeking refuge ,where others don’t dare to stand :
at the limits of sanity-
there ,where,the chaos began!

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