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Friday, June 08, 2012

Angels are sinners on earth part II

Angels are sinners and sinners are angels,
they feed upon us, we are their sextoys!
We try to redeem our souls
by fighting those wars…
The devil laughs .its getting worse.
We look in each other’s eyes
 we see lies.

They burn us inside ,claiming us alive.
They want us to feed from the tree of hate,
taunting us that this is the only way!

In this vast forest of sins and sinners ,
you stand as a martyr at the gates of heaven,
archangels come to your delight
 helping you in your fight,
 to destroy saints, as they come
to invite, you to the table of truce.

Sinners, demons angels in front of you
fall to your knees ,begging someone to stop you!
The war machine starts ,it now or never ,
the sound of death, heals your soul.

Making you stronger,
you fight as alone, no friendless ,no allies,
it is just you and them this is war!
Indifference you shout,
as they beg mercy at your feet
look upon them, you end them swift.
You are a martyr, did no harm,
you cleansed this world, cuz your conscience means more.

Driven by hate later misplaced ,
you felt it was your duty,
that honor you warship.
Nobody understands what it means to a man,
to be chosen the savior of mankind.
Heaven and hell they all collide,
right above this world we call home.
… infecting us.

Martyr I am ,
like a phoenix, I reborn from the ashes,
smile at you all,
now war is on earth ,
and there is no heaven and hell.
Its man vs man.
Engineered to by destructive,
death is us .
and we are the killers.

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