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Friday, June 08, 2012

Angels are sinners

Angels are sinners, and sinners are angels.
Burning with lust they devour their love,
flesh on flesh, they seek refuge in us.
In this world of sins,
forever it’s been…

War rages outside, babe we ignite!
A martyr I am, in this forest of sins,
a soldier that fights, a war within.
Sometimes I lose it, start to scream,
I am losing my sanity,
keep questioning my humanity.

This sadness and feelings that hurt
makes up the tears I shed,
for me, for you, and for the entire world.

The angels start feeding on your soul,
nothing lasts forever you know.
Those gates won't hold the devil no more
lusts of the flesh take control.
Drives you crazy, just go with the flow.
Feathers are light, but they ignite!
You burn that picture ,tribute to the sky.
Baby…now you know, you are alive!.

protected by copyright: Demeter Sts. art 1. lin II , legea nr3/9

"love is what keeps us human" demeter

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