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Thursday, September 06, 2018


One day in another life,
we collide,
shatter in pieces,
rebuild as a whole,
once more I can have you,
look into your eyes,
when they are smiling back at me
with joy with love.

Embrace you in an eternal hug,
never let you go,
my love.

I wonder if out souls
live eternal ?
Reborn again,different time,
different set.

I wonder if I met you
in another life,long time ago?
What we were,because I felt so connected to you
in this one,and I wonder if I see you again
in a different time ,different set.

Felt close to you,so good
like a met you before,
I need answers, need more.

You told me once
you felt the same,
so what is the lesson,
should we learn and gain ?

And if we learn that lesson
we still be together ?
Or things change.
Either way you marked my heart,
engraved my soul.

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