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Thursday, December 05, 2013

shifted emotions

shifted emotions

my dreams involve a passion from my heart
 lost in this world,driven so far,
 far from any reach and beyond.

 you are a word of silence
  is this loud spoken phrase
a book without name.

hidden on a shelf,
 far,far from any reach
reminds a neverending depth
 layer upon layer of shifted emotions
, backgrounded by changing states of mind,
 replenishes the body with constant fear
constant doubt.

 keep second guessing  the reliability of the estranged,
misleading behavior,no emotion what-so-ever
we as humans go a step down on an evolution level.

the masks we used to hide behind
taken us by surprise
they are in control of us
we are a shell of a shell of a spent bullet
no more meaning just sickens the essence.

diluated teardrop in an ocean of rain
all these humans make me go insane
it hurts to find out that I am lost
when I need to be found
shredded shattered ,sceam without any sound.

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