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Thursday, December 05, 2013

insomniacal delusions

insomniacal delusions

you were my muse,
my beautiful,
my happy end, my all
your departure rotten my soul, my heart.

miss you in a hurry
 mirrored in a time still
my wandering body
driven by my wondering heart,
leads me to insomnia ,to many thoughts.

although i can sleep i wake up to you,
embedded in my mind,
cant stop thinking at you
my  insomniacal haunt
from the shadows of my brain
why cast this delusional  tricks?
can you feel that i am in hurt? in pain?
or you don't care,
love to drive me insane.

I took you for granted,
but babe I am human,
composed of broken  promises and heart
not skilled in the survival art.

but one thing is true
I really do miss you
even do months have passed
and the alienating process took hold of the game,
give us a couple of days,
 let them pass
you will see ,
that what is in out hearts
makes us lasts.

for a minute in the void
and eternal in this world.

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