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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Memories that will stay + photos

Surprisingly it takes just courage 
and an open-minded state
to live your life: run and play. was shown to me…
that there is still hope for better times
and it’s great!
It was a great day,
old friends showed me a new face,
a warm taste in my soul.
I've met them, I've adored them, simple folks
they are my friends of course.
For me they mean a lot,
I can’t afford to lose them,
whatever the cost.

Amusing jokes, sweet laughter’s,
maybe a little forced.
Incidents, slaps and a bit more,
scarred romance …endless calls
drinks served cold,
and two beautiful girls.
A hell of a way to start a new day,
 these are the memories that will stay…



nice series

mihaela said...

i'm back! i see you too had a great Easter to remember ;)
nice job with the new photos!
and how about "szabad ontonzi"? :D
my google translate doesn't find a meaningful translation :P so, you say it..what does it mean..?please :P

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