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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's snowing outside,finally:D

very nice, considering that it is unexpected ... because we were accustomed already with the delays of winter,meaning short bursts of snow during short periods of time and only in late december in day 25.or above or starting to snow decently as late as mid january that's why it is so unexpected,but it's a pleasure it's snowing abundantly outside and frankly it makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside:)),even if outside it's cold:P.
Why? how could you possibly not feel blessed?when we know very well ,that our economical growth has more downsides( in the future) then expected pozitiv behavior( in the prezent),global warming and all that surely assures us that we are on a wrong track,and all this let's call them Christmas miracles are a blessing,who really knows the fact
that we are destroying nature and keeping this habit we are destroying ourselfs too.
Sorry for my bad English,lack of practice:P.correct me would you?:)
Ok now it's the time for showing off my talent":)) ( making great photos and awesome snowman's :))) )!
have a look:D
the romanian version:

the russian version:

and a little somethin'somethin'

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