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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Flavor of Humans


all in our brains,trying to raise fences,
unspoken acts,words,remarkable flirts
limitless skyes,borrowed behaviors,
dreams act of heroism?
reality lack of manifestation.
Intruded minds,well meant efforts
crying wawes of enlightened nightmares,
truly devoting...time of essence
all this represent the flavor of humans.


Play it nice,play it cool
it's not that...
but it's no time for fools.
Walk quietly,try to evade
let society to be blamed
it's not your fault,

they made you!
now go and show them
how nice can you play to
forget modesty,you get orgies
44 naked beautiful girls
make an I.E.D.
codename it blue,
because they like bright colors
ain't it true?
say the words"God is great"
now blow yourself up
generate hate!

listen if you steel any of my work,my art that makes you a fck.bastard.I made it,I have the right to publicize it!If you want something contact me,we can work together,if not:have a pleasant day!

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