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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Novembers of love

Sweetened accent’s and fake smile’s
Daily passes at the same time,
This is all I’ we seen, passing by me.
Luck and charm they are forever gone,
Foggy mornings and afternoons
Lonely streets shredded cruel,
Empty faces, forced misplaces

Harsh judgement’s,cripled enigmas.

Cold hands touching, meaningless words 
Worth false statement’s.
Stupid criteria insisting sympathy
Changes are felt, you are now a chimera!
Worried eyes slowly checking...

I miss those times, I adored the snow…
Because I thought it could bring us
Close, heart to heart.

The benches in the park
Dismembered and lost,
Tell tales of hatred and love!
Memories, feelings we don’t stand apart,
Only if I known…I  opened my heart…
And you played the hit and run card!



frumoase fotografii

Ellen D.B. said...

I just loved your pics (=

Ralwou said...

I like this a lot. Si titlul ma face sa plutesc departe cu gandul. La fel si continutul, imi place. Bravo !

szilárd demeter said...


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