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Friday, November 27, 2009

Methods of Winter

We stopped caring
When you said: shut up about it!,
can we settle down please?

Spent our time hating each other
with slow words and passive love,
keeping the distance, take a snapshot
I thought..we were lovers?!

Early smokes, deadly hopes
don’t breathe this air-I’m aware!
try letting go.
Messed  up clothes, jokes
hard hitting point-hollow
you are trigger happy aren’t you?

I secretly love you too,
it’s too still in your sadness,
but your eyes tell a whole other story
and I feel the weight of the world,
alone within myself again
I try to veil away my pain.
The coffee is never strong enough,
and this whole story it’s a fraud!


Andrea said...

Iti multumesc pentru sfat,am inteles perfect ce ai vrut sa`mi spui:).Daca sap mai adanc in ganduri,imi dau seama c ai dreptate.
Nu fii satul de tot,viata e plina de surprize si chiar daca sunt uneori neplacute,gandeste`te cat de cenusie si fara rost ti`ar fii viata fara aceste mici detalii,amanunte.
Iti doresc o zi frumoasa!te pup

szilárd demeter said...

hey npc:P

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