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Friday, April 03, 2009

Boulevard of opportunity

Today was a great day,
finally she showed some interest,
almost I saw a glance of hope,
my self confidence grows.
Only if she knew
how much I like her, 
but it wouldn't be a happy-end
I always lost the first two acts.

So I sit down on the chair quietly,
without taking a deep breath...
how great it would be
if I can read her  thoughts.

The time past so quickly,
suddenly it hit me,
like a sledgehammer over my back
felt a terrible pain..I have forgotten...

The dream must end, 
right here and right now,
why does nobody care?!
I am an outcast after all.

But those couple of minutes
when she started showing some interest,
I felt so happy and so scared,
I felt like a great man,a human.

Time passes by minutes after minutes
still I hoped for one miracle..
waiting for divine intervention 
it never came,never again..

I don't know why I am
so crazy about her,
probably her ignorance and  attitude,
intrigue me and pull me closer to her.

It's like I want to be a part of history
writing my own story..
I wish  we could write it together,
put some heart to it and love.

After I woked up from sensless desires,
after the dream faded away
 returned to my patheticall life.
I realised I am nothing more
then a thrill seeker,
pumped with adrenaline,
searching just for an adventure
on this endless boulevard of opportunity,
which we call life.

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